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small changes

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small changes

If you're reading this, then phew! That means I didn't lose or confuse everyone in the process of switching from Blogger to Squarespace.

First thing to mention is that my site URL will temporarily be until February 2015 while I wait for my original domain name to become available again (Squarespace doesn't support the transfer of domain names so long story short - I need to wait out the 65 day deletion period before I can use my domain again). 

Tech-stuff out of the way, sorry about the confusion! Hopefully it's worth the hassle (for you and me both) and actually turns out to be an upgrade. I'll still be blogging, of course, but now I finally have a place for my photography work. Here's to hoping that I made the right decision in switching around the way I do things from now on!

I've been a little quiet as I've been working on the blog - turning it into a website-slash-portfolio - but I think I'm back! And now that exams are over, it's about that time to do the things I swore I would while studying... starting with a new post!

This outfit pretty much sums up how I'm feeling right now: casual and carefree. It sure has been hot in Sydney but the heat never stops me from wearing boots.

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Tunic (from markets), denim skirt (a very old hand-me-down), Therapy boots, Petit Sesame 'Boho Bag'

A quick post-exams update: 

  • I'm still reading Nausea (by Jean-Paul Sartre) and getting through it slowly. I think my mind's too busy at the moment to appreciate the pace of the story.

  • The online store my sister and I started is off to an exciting start! We spent several rainy and then extremely hot Saturdays at Kirribilli markets, have so much more stock coming in and the response already has been so positive and encouraging. I won't talk too much about it on here, but you can keep up with us on Instagram, Facebook and our blog (going live early 2015!).

  • I've teamed up with Petit Sesame for an Instagram giveaway coming very soon so keep an eye on my Instagram for the chance to win your favourite Petit Sesame pick.

Okay, enough rambling on my part, thanks a million again for sticking with me! Bear with me as I try to get back on track with blogging and do some (virtual) cleaning around here.

Now over to you - what small changes have you made recently (that really aren't so small at all)?


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