off-shoulder and cropped

off-shoulder and cropped

I still remember plenty of off-shoulder tops floating around in my mum's wardrobe when I was younger - along with flared pants, leather jackets and halter tops.

Delicate, feminine silhouettes paired with bolder, more structured pieces is something I've been experimenting with lately. I love the juxtaposition of girly with 'boyfriend' pieces like blazers, oversized shirts, brogues etc. Even more so given the typical pressure from extended Asian families to dress ladylike and wear dresses (colourful, frilly ones). 

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Zara top, ASOS pants, Novo sandals, Petit Sesame bag

Before heading back to my mum's place for summer uni break, I stopped by the Oscar Wylee showroom last Wednesday to get my eyes checked and to pick out a new frame.

I normally only wear glasses in class - when I need to take notes - but I need to start making a habit out of wearing them more regularly because a) I squint at practically everything, and b) I mistake strangers as people that I know. I picked out an amazing two-tone, big-framed pair a.k.a 'Anya' which is a welcoming change from my usual black frames. I will forever be in admiration of people that can pull off quirky, wild-coloured or clear frames!