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Jess Cheung is a Sydney based photographer and blogger. 

Jess is a self-taught photographer who has been shooting since she was 14. With a keen eye for detail, she loves to capture the little details and magic of every day moments, as well as snapshots of her travels and adventures.

Despite being a creative, Jess grew up with a love for technology, gaming and programming. She graduated from UNSW with a Bachelor of Engineering (Telecom) and a Bachelor of Commerce (Management).

Recently, Jess has embraced the art of minimalism and living simply. She has culled down her once overflowing wardrobe, overcome her unhealthy shopping and spending habits and is now taking steps towards reducing her environmental impact.

As a traveller, Jess plans obsessively before a trip and loves writing detailed guides about her experiences - whether it’s about another country or a local roadtrip. She loves hiking, eating (a lot) and exploring hidden local gems.

Jess also loves to write about personal development and productivity. She designs planner inserts and stickers for her shop to help people achieve their goals and live their best life.

Jess’ other interests include: yoga, dancing, singing, playing guitar and reading. She is also not-so-secretly obsessed with dogs.

jysla kay.

Jysla Kay is the name of Jess’ photographer alter-ego and creative studio. In her journal is where she shares her photography, travel guides, capsule wardrobe journey and writes about anything else that’s on her mind.

other work

Jess runs a portrait photography business called Long Form Studio with her partner Kevin. She also designs planner inserts and printables for her online stationery store Planned By Jysla.

You can get in touch with Jess here, or sending an email to