lessons on the mat

lessons on the mat
lessons on the mat / 1

Dancer's pose / Natarajasana

lessons on the mat / 2

Wheel pose variation / Chakrasana

lessons on the mat / 3

Prayer pose / Namaste

lessons on the mat / 4

Camel pose / Ustrasana

Wearing: Thrifted skirt, Dainty & Bold bracelets

As we grow older, we begin to realise that we don't really change. At the core, our essence is much the same as it was a few years back. That's what I now believe - not to mention that's what my "Organisational Behaviour" Management course also strongly emphasises. It's comforting in a way to know that our behaviours can change over time but our personalities and souls are constant, distinct and what shape our character.

I'm not a naturally calm, serious or peaceful person. I'm always anxious, have little patience, worry too much about things outside of my control and forget to breathe when things get overwhelming. 

But when I'm on the mat (or sand, in this case, which let me tell you now is so much more difficult!) I focus on my breathing, pay attention to the way my body feels in different asanas and it's an opportunity, and permission, to have a few moments with myself without worrying about the tasks on my to-do list. 

Most importantly, I'm learning to be more patient. As I mentioned in my very first yoga post, I did plenty of gymnastics and dancing when I was younger so I've been itching to get back to that level of flexibility but yoga has taught me to slow down and to enjoy the gradual process of getting to know my body on a completely new level. 

After a few months of yoga classes, I embraced home practice and fell in love with yoga even harder when I discovered quirky and hilarious Adriene. "Finding what feels good" became one of my mottos from then on and things got interesting when I left room for self-expression. People come to the mat for different reasons and things that work for some don't always work for others but it's all about finding the balance (sometimes, literally!) and style best fits you. Yoga, unfortunately, isn't the answer to all of life's problems but the beauty lies in the appreciation of the journey and being grateful for not only others, but also yourself, for turning up to the mat, listening to your body and letting yourself breathe.

Photos by Kevin