music fridays / 001

music fridays / 001

I've been obsessed with music for as long as I can remember. When I was in primary school, I would buy $2 singles, happily spend hours organising my music library and create way too many playlists. 

In high school, the Internet made it easy to discover and *ahem* download incredible amounts of music. I was in heaven. And at this point I also had my very own pink iPod mini (portable, freaking, music!).

I went from making CD mixtapes for friends to dragging music I recommended from my iTunes library onto their iPods. I guess it makes sense that I want to share music here too. I'm still always trawling through websites, YouTube and Apple Music looking for new music to fall in love with almost daily. But when I say 'new', I mean new to my ears, not necessarily new in age. 

So... *drum roll* welcome to the very first of music Fridays! It feels like it's been such a long time coming so I am so excited for this. I think I'll post this series on Friday mornings so that you have the chance to listen to it throughout the day (today was clearly an exception - finishing this off and posting before I sleep).

Even though I do have eclectic taste in music, I know that my music might not be for everyone. I would love to hear what your favourite genres are and if you have any songs that you're loving, I would definitely love to hear what they are! Also, would you prefer a Spotify playlist as well, or do YouTube videos on their own work fine?

Today's mix does start off slow, and maybe a tad emotional, but it does pick up I promise!

▶ Thirdstory - Over (When We Said Goodbye)

I have listened to this on repeat so many times. Thirdstory are simply incredible. Without a doubt, one of my favourite artists. Watch their covers and listen to their EP.

▶ Dodie - Sick of Losing Soulmates

If you love Daughter and Lucy Rose, you'll love Dodie. Especially this beautiful song.

▶ Angus & Julia Stone - Chateau

I love the vibes of this tune, and I think the music video fits perfectly (even if I have no idea what's actually happening). Reminds me of summer nights.

▶ Kevin Garett - Little Bit of You

SO CHILL. I love how smooth and relaxing this song is. It's great background music when I'm writing or editing photos.

▶ Sabrina Claudio - Stand Still

I've been a huge fan of Sabrina Claudio from day one. Not only is her voice stunning, but she's a talented songwriter who tells stories with an incredible amount of self-awareness and vulnerable confidence (see Confidently Lost). Both of her albums, cover to cover, is gorgeous, and so is this movement visual.

▶ Kehlani - Honey

Kehlani is exploring a new sound with this track (I hear a little Tori Kelly-esque guitar picking) and it is gorgeous. I have been singing it way too much in the past week.

▶ Miguel - Pineapple Skies

Giving me all the Adorn-vibes. His new album (finally) is so good. ON REPEAT.

▶ Aly & AJ - Take Me


Cover photo: film photo from 2004 (I think).


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