nov/dec mood board

nov/dec mood board

I've had the same desktop wallpaper for the past 3 months, which actually isn't that long, but I was overdue for an update. I'm finally learning to embrace my bolder and unapologetic side as a person, as well as with my wardrobe. It's interesting to compare how because of this, my goals, priorities and style have shifted in a short period of time. (I didn't post about the previous mood board but you can see it here, if you're curious.)

I love seeing my mood board every morning when I open my laptop—it's my morning hit of inspiration while I'm sipping on my coffee. It keeps me focused and reminds me of my goals like less clutter and a refined wardrobe.

I try not to be too logical or specific when it comes to making these because I want to curate images that evoke a particular mood or feeling when I see them—which means not necessarily worrying about outfits are appropriate for the season ahead. It's all about the bigger picture and long-term goals.

Images via  Pinterest

Images via Pinterest

Things inspiring me right now:

  • The colour red. A colour undeniably bold and alluring. Also my mum's favourite colour. 
  • The combination of loose-fit and tailored pieces
  • Airport and travel outfits. All about comfort, streamlining and versatile pieces that are effortlessly stylish—what I'd like my capsule wardrobe to be essentially. 
  • Choosing love, not hate. Always choosing to be kind and genuine, not toxic and bitter. 


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