Slow LivingJess

new year, new resolutions

Slow LivingJess
new year, new resolutions

Happy new year! Hello 2016! What a year 2015 was.

I was pretty quiet on the blog last year, and I don't really have a good excuse for that, but I have been doing plenty of behind-the-scenes tweaks that might not have been obvious. I've been making some changes, here and there, making the website and blog look the way I want it to. And because I'm an annoying perfectionist who insists on doing it all my own with limited html/css knowledge, changes have been slow. 

But! I'm determined to get things done this year - I'm tying up loose ends and doing all the things I said I would, like, 5 months ago. 

I'm going to get my New Zealand photos up and share a list of all the places I visited.

I'm growing into my own style more confidently and have been downsizing my wardrobe to reduce clutter (and to save my savings account, I kid you not). I'll share what pieces made the cut and how I've been cutting back my shopaholic ways.

I'll share real things from my life, like how I'm moving out of my apartment, and my final year at uni.

And that's where I'll leave it for now because I'm about to do some long-overdue laundry. Fact: I actually enjoy doing the laundry. Hate doing the dishes though.

Big love to everyone that is following my year of adventure this year - even if the most exciting that happens to me today might be having coffee.

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