let's talk: being brave with change

let's talk: being brave with change

I'm okay with change. Generally, I like change. It keeps you on your toes, makes things more interesting and throws challenging life lessons at you. But there are some changes that I find hard. For me, it's being more social. 

After spending two years there, I'm moving out of my cosy granny flat into a beautiful, big shared apartment with two other girls (one is my sister's best friend, the other a stranger). I'm nervous because 1) I love having my own space and privacy, 2) I'm used to being on my own (three years now), and 3) what if the other girl is mean? Well, I guess there's a valuable life lesson to be learnt here: that you can't run away from everything that make you uncomfortable or mean people. But easier said than done, right? 

It's not a permanent change and I'm going to have fun along the way (it'll be so nice not to come home to an empty apartment), plus the location is gorgeous, so I'm staying positive and being brave.

Have you faced any changes this year that shake you up a little? New job? New classes? New relationship? Really excited to be working on my 'let's talk' series again, where I can extend the conversation to include everyone. I like to think of it as a series of open, collaborative emails. 

Have a beautiful day x