mood board: the fitted/slouchy balance

mood board: the fitted/slouchy balance

Images from Pinterest / Stockholm Streetstyle

I can no longer ignore the fact that, yes, it is winter and as always, I really need to dress warmer. I haven't quite mastered the art of dressing for the cold - due to being under the illusion that my supposedly transeasonal wardrobe will suffice when the temperature drops. (It doesn't.)

I've also realised that a loose/oversized/slouchy coat does not necessarily = several sizes too large. And thinking about it now, I've made that mistake for about 90% of my wardrobe. Not sure how I picked up this bad habit but I've been making an effort to consciously buy the right size these days. 

I love 'boyfriend' fits aka jeans, shirts, blazers etc. (which is a classic example of my incompetence to actually dress like a female) but being mindful of little details like sleeve length and shoulder width can make a huge difference and keeps pieces from looking ill-fitting. Big coats paired with cropped skinny jeans for a coffee/lunch run: yes please. Sorry ankles.


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