may iphone diary

may iphone diary


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1/ White hot chocolate at Max Brenner

2/ Flat stomach only in the mornings...

3/ Catch-up with friends at Bread and Circus

4/ Doing tomorrow's to-do list and reading notes before bed

5/ Walking down a path covered in fallen autumn leaves. Favourite.

6/ Banana and oats matcha yoghurt smoothie (first try - I'd rate it a 6/10 because my proportions were terrible)

7/ Love studying at cafes - always there for the atmosphere/drinks/music/people-watching

Sharing a few pictures I found in my camera roll from the past month that didn't make it to Instagram. Studying + hot chocolate/coffee is all that I know these days, especially since a glorious Max Brenner just opened up downstairs... (political issues and protests aside, of course)