MBFWA Street Snaps

MBFWA Street Snaps

Photographers lingering on the walls poised with their finger on the shutter button, groups of young ombre-haired girls walking down the stairs clad in head-to-toe designer and appropriately bright colours and clashing prints... sound vaguely familiar?

Fashion week is as much about what front row guests are wearing as what's presented on the runway. (

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 discusses one view regarding this topic.) Running from show to show and dealing with door people that eyed you warily even as you showed them your pass was overwhelming and exhausting but even while I was sitting in the not-so-comfortable media pit, swearing that I'd end up with permanent ass bruises, it was undeniably amazing being surrounded by like-minded individuals with a mutual love for fashion.

I'm glad I ended up with plenty of shots despite only attending one day and I know I'm late in posting these but posts with a few of my runway favourites from Vanishing Elephant, Watson x Watson and Raffles to come soon. Hope you're enjoying seeing FW through my eyes (or... should that be lens?...) x