Top - Mum's (old), Pinafore - brandless, Boots - Kmart

One day, I'll work up the courage to dye my hair a fiery orange that catches the light in magical ways. One day.

I've been spending a relaxing afternoon 

scrolling through photos

and discovering new blogs from all over the world. My feed is getting a little overwhelming on Bloglovin' - rapidly approaching 700 unread posts! But I


 determined to get through them all someday.

I mainly follow fashion, health, food and lifestyle blogs (and two beauty blogs). 

How do you keep up with your favourite blogs? Do you follow any blogs that aren't fashion-related?

Hope everyone enjoys their 'day off' tomorrow! I'm having lunch with my Dad and my step and half siblings (that's a mouthful to explain) who I haven't seen for a few months.

DIY light leak in the first photo courtesy of my hair. Sneaky, sneaky!