Photography / Milk Haus Cafe & Farmhouse, Woodstock NSW

Photography / Milk Haus Cafe & Farmhouse, Woodstock NSW

This is a huge photos post - sharing some of my favourite shots from a recent job (yes this is only a select few!) and a video because I’m trying to share a little more of my work. I say that all the time I know, but I am working being more consistent - if you follow me on Instagram, then you know I’ve been trying. I had a great time shooting over 3 days, with Kevin as my second shooter/assistant/videographer, and I hope you enjoy these shots too.

Scroll all the way to the end (it’s a long way) for more words and to watch the video put together by Kevin!

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In June, Kevin and I drove 3 hours to Milk Haus - a wholefoods farm-to-table cafe and farmhouse accommodation located on the NSW South Coast. We were there to photograph everything from the food and coffee to the cows and chickens (a dream job for sure) and we also stayed at the farmhouse for 2 nights so that we’d have time to photograph everything and capture sunrises and sunsets.

Even though I usually photograph people, I also love photographing interiors and I always make sure to photograph the airbnb or hotel we’re staying at when we travel! The farmhouse was beautiful and filled with eclectic and rustic decor so that’s one of the things I focused on capturing (in addition to the amazing morning light, private courtyard and unobstructed view of the garden).

If you’re planning a visit to the South Coast, be sure to stop by Milk Haus for coffee and food! You can walk through the garden (where they grow the plants they use in the food!) and check out their chickens. Even better, if you’ve got a big group or just want the space, the farmhouse has 4 bedrooms so you can stay the night and wake up to a beautiful sunrise.

I might be a little biased but I really do think the farmhouse is a hidden gem even though the cafe does get quite busy.

Watch the short video that Kevin filmed and edited (with some clips of my own):

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