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My stay in a 'capsule room' in Hakone, Japan

TravelJessjapan, stay, review, hakone
My stay in a 'capsule room' in Hakone, Japan

Capsule hotels, which started in Japan, are famous for having a large number of small “rooms” which basically look more like pods.

When it comes to travel, I like being sensible with the budget and spending within my means (#freelancerlife) so I try to save where I can. This is especially true when it comes to booking accommodation. I don’t look for places that are necessarily the cheapest but those that are all-rounders: great value, convenient and clean. Kevin prefers his accommodation to be a little more lavish so we compromise by mixing it up and use the savings from staying in a slightly cheaper places towards nicer stays. Personally, I love staying in nice hotels but I’d rather it remain an indulgence rather than be the norm (for the sake of my bank account).

After 3 nights at our lush hotel in Sendai (we really didn’t want to leave), we spent the next 2 nights in something that resembled a wooden shipping container at GuestHouse Azito in Hakone.

Bear with me… it’s actually much better than it sounds.

Image from  website

Image from website

For the price that we paid ($170 for 2 nights - we booked our stay with Agoda), I wasn’t expecting too much but surprisingly, it was very clean and also really lovely. Our ‘room’ was spacious with good air ventilation. Luggage storage is included — which was ample space for our 2 carry-on suitcases and 2 bags.

GuestHouse Azito is about a 10 minute walk from Hakone-Yumoto station with only a steep walk towards the end (which isn’t the easiest with suitcases) and is conveniently close to a bus stop which takes you to Hakone Shrine. There aren’t many restaurants nearby, but the small on-site bar (which doubles as the reception) offers drinks and light meals. Word of warning: you will have to climb a flight of stairs, or two, to get to your room.

Apart from the small size of the bar and the entrance, nothing about the venue or facilities felt cheap or hostel-like. It was definitely a unique experience and I’m glad that I was able to try it out especially since most capsule hotels are designed for solo travellers. But if you’re not particularly keen to stay in a box, they have other rooms too!


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