Build a Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Staple Pieces

Build a Capsule Wardrobe: 6 Staple Pieces

I did it!

I finally posted a video six years after my last one. I spent so long worrying about making everything ‘perfect’ that I ended up not posting anything for so long.

Self-doubt and the pursuit of perfection is a dangerous, unhealthy path. It took me longer than I’d like to admit to get off this self-destructive path but I have recovered and I now have to remind myself daily that done is better than perfect, and that I need to keep moving forward. And if I fail? I’ll just do better next time.

So while this video is short, and full of small things that make me cringe, I hit the publish button anyway because if I don’t take action and give myself a deadline, it’ll never be published and I’d never really get anything done.

My last post about building my capsule wardrobe was over a year ago but I’m happy to report that I have made some pretty significant changes since then and have stuck with them:

  • In the last 6 months, I’ve only bought two pieces of clothing - a jacket and top - as opposed to buying something new every week

  • My wardrobe is only 30% of what it used to be but it still feels like more than I need so I’m still in the process of downsizing and building my ideal capsule wardrobe

  • I’ve sold a lot of clothes and shoes on eBay (which does take some time)

In this post, I introduce the six go-to pieces in my wardrobe (you can watch the video at the end of the post). Comfort, low-maintenance and effortless are the key factors for me.


1 & 2

blue jeans & ‘silk’ cami

As you’ll see, I’m wearing these jeans in every single outfit in this post. This pair is from Zara and is a light, muted blue colour that goes really well with neutral pieces. I was never really a denim person but I find myself always reaching for this pair because super stretchy and comfortable but I also love the little details like the frayed hems. I can’t recall the exact price of these jeans but they were around $80.

I write ‘silk’ cami but it’s actually 100% polyester and just has that silk-like look. This cami is my ultimate go-to top because it adds a little extra to casual outfits - with seriously minimal effort. This particular cami is from H&M and was $9.95.



tailored coat

This Zara coat always makes my outfits look more put together than they really are. Something about a structured black coat is so timeless. This is my most worn coat because it goes just as well with heels as it does with sneakers.

3 things I always look for in a good coat: deep pockets, appropriate arm length and how well I can move around in it.



knit cardigan

I’ve had this knit cardigan for over 10 years and it was one of my first online purchases (unfortunately I can’t remember where I got it from). The slouchy, relaxed fit makes it so comfortable and easy to wear that I actually wear it at home as much as I wear it out. I also adore the colour.



oversized knit

Not the warmest knit I own, but definitely my favourite! I picked this one up when I was in Japan for around $10. I love pairing oversized tops with fitted bottoms (and vice versa) for an easy, effortless silhouette that always works well.



boyfriend blazer

If you ask me, blazers are the universal piece that look great on everyone. It took me a while to find the right fit that I was looking for: soft material, relaxed ‘boyfriend’ fit and deep pockets but this blazer from Zara ticks all the boxes. I wear my blazer to dress up a casual outfit for meetings or a night out and I love how confident I feel when wearing it.

Watch the video below:

What are the staple pieces in your wardrobe? Do you agree or disagree with any of my choices?


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