inappropriate blogger attire?

inappropriate blogger attire?

Just another case of a fashion blogger (or influencer, if you will) venturing into the wild wearing inappropriate clothing. Wait, wait, let me explain. This is a topic I've wanted to address for a while. 

If a blogger dresses up for a photo... is it 'fake' or misleading?

My answer is no. BUT only if everyone knows the whole story. I would hate to think that people are scrolling through their feed feeling bad about themselves or their lives because they take the photos at face value.

I'm not trying to "expose" or defend bloggers. I just want to open up the conversation about blogging and share my thoughts as a blogger myself and as a photographer of other bloggers. Injecting a little light-hearted honesty into a somewhat serious topic. (Please excuse my overuse of the word blogger.)

It was a little hush-hush in the beginning, but it seems to be common knowledge now that there's a fair bit of work and planning that goes into the standard outfit posts. Style bloggers (usually) shoot a few outfits at the same time to have a backlog of posts. 

In the same way that some people plan their outfits before a holiday, many bloggers will also plan outfits. But for photos. I certainly do this. I like to be prepared.

Exhibit A: I did not wander gracefully onto the sand dunes barefoot wearing a maxi dress. 

But I feel like there's still a certain expectation of bloggers to be candid or realistic. Especially when travelling. But if you look at it a different way—we're practically working while on holiday. 

Those photos aren't realistic. Most of them anyway. But that's not to say that it's wrong or misleading.

Blogger editorials are now more like the younger sibling of photoshoots. Not as glamorous maybe, but comparable in terms of planning and execution.

I would say that the growing popularity of "Insta bloggers" has blurred the lines between photographer, stylist and model.

The standard now is that bloggers are equipped with these skills under their belt.

Bloggers are always working—we're always thinking of new and interesting content. Even that seemingly spontaneous photo posted on Instagram was probably planned. 

Call it what you will, but this is our art. It's important to remember that blogging - even if just a part-time thang - is a job. 

People will begin to realise that not every photo on Instagram is realistic and will stop comparing it to their own lives and experiences (and not feel dissatisfied, yay!), and bloggers will get the benefit of acknowledgement for their hard work, in particular, in executing their creative vision.

TL;DR Bloggers get dressed up just for a photo sometimes. But this is our art/job. Just remember that it's not always #candid.








Bonus photo: I particularly like this one because it's a little ridiculous. I'm not sure what I'm doing either. But somehow it makes for a decent photo?

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