Outfit Planning: 3 Weeks in Japan

Kevin and I have just booked flights for a 3 week trip to Japan... is it bad that I'm already planning what I'm packing even though it's still more than 6 months away? 

Jetstar recently had a sale on flights to Japan ($0 return flight) which was the best timing for us. We already knew the dates we wanted but were waiting for cheaper flights. It ended up working out to be $700 return... for two people! Okay, granted, it's not a direct flight, there's 2 hour layovers each way, and it's with a budget airline, but at that price, we couldn't really care less (Kevin and I both enjoy airports and flying). 

We also committed to only taking a 7kg carry-on suitcase each. I have no doubt that Kevin could travel on much less, but even he raised an eyebrow at my ambitious goal. Too late. I purposely didn't pay for extra check-in baggage so that I'm forcing my future self to make it work.

When I travelled to Indonesia, the majority of my things were in a carry-on with shoes and toiletries in shared luggage with two of my friends. But even this was overkill for 10 days. I didn't wear everything that I packed, didn't pack enough appropriate clothing (I underestimated the humidity), kept misplacing things and my 'overnight' bag ended up being way too heavy for me.

Frustrated and sweaty from the heat and effort of lugging my back around the airport, I resolved to: a) always opt for a suitcase and b) pack much less less time.

So, here I am, committing to 7kg for 3 weeks in Japan (with room for cute souvenirs of course). Some people might think this is still overkill but as a self-proclaimed hoarder and shopping addict, I know it'll be challenging for me.

Japan in May will be low 20s on average, not freezing but still on the cooler side (I get cold easily), so l've chosen to pack some lightweight knits and easy layering basics. I already own most of the things pictured below (albeit much, much cheaper versions but they look very similar) which was intentional, so that I don't give myself the excuse of buying new things that don't belong in my 'capsule wardrobe'. 

I'm not sure if I'll still pack the same things 6 months from now, and I have no idea how much it'll weigh, once I pack toiletries, socks, underwear, electronics etc. (surely less than 7kg?!) but either way — this was a great way to focus my efforts and be more intentional with what I spend, or how I spend, leading up the trip. 


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