Back-To-Uni: Part 3 (Workspaces and organisation)

Back-To-Uni: Part 3 (Workspaces and organisation)

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Okay, confession time: I'm a messy person. I've always dreamt of having gorgeous, minimal workspaces filled with inspiration and a wide, open space but I haven't gotten around to tackling this little chaotic messy habit of mine until the new year began. Don't get me wrong - my workspace (and basically whatever area I'm allowed to nest in) is cluttered but I hate it. I really do.

So, come 2015 and here I am, determined to keep my workspace clean and organised. Not only for aesthetic purposes but hugely because my productivity is seriously impacted when I don't have room to lay out my things. And because I'm usually already stressed, I end up just working on top of the mess. Shameful, but true 90% of the time.

I love neutral colour schemes with wooden furniture and indoor plants (see my inspiration board over at Pinterest) but I believe any workspace should be a personal form of self-expression to inspire you to get your work done. It's a place where you should feel comfortable yet productive. And for me this year? So far, so good.

"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure." -- Colin Powell


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