spring wardrobe basics

spring wardrobe basics

So the sun finally came out which meant I could actually shoot these pieces and show you how I style them.

The best kind of wardrobe basics are the ones that are versatile, easy to style and subtle. And I'm still a firm believer that you don't always have to empty your pockets to have a decent wardrobe.

So minus the tote bag that I actually forgot to photograph - here are my wardrobe basics for spring/summer. (Also, I snipped off my bleached ends! Thankfully it's slightly beyond the awkward length.)


Target shirt / Zara jeans / H by Hudson brogues

Effortless, comfortable and perfect when paired with denim shorts. I love wearing them with the sleeves rolled up and tucked in. 


Target dress / Witchery vest / Nike Roshe Run

My ideal LBD is the midi kind. I wore this to a hen's night out in the city but it works just as well dressed down with sneakers.


Target cardigan / Heritage1981 top / Chicabooti shorts / SHUBAR boots

For when it's not that cold but not that hot either. Or when you're stuck in a freezing lecture hall for 2 hours. 


Target top / ASOS jeans / Wittner heels

Just like the basic white tee, the crew is the ultimate casual piece which requires no further thought. Always a winner paired with any bottoms you own - printed pants, denim, midi skirts etc. My favourite wardrobe basic and my most worn. I tend to wear my sleepwear tops out and this isn't too far from that - there's a thin line (for me, at least) between basics and comfortable home clothes.

There are so many other wardrobe basics I haven't mentioned like black ankle boots, an oversized blazer etc. but basics differ for everyone and evidently I'm a little boring and gravitate towards neutral colours. As always, find what works for you and what you feel most comfortable in! Your basics should reflect and be the 'building blocks' for your personal style. 


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