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the lowdown on sandals

Stylejysla kaysandals
the lowdown on sandals

Note: This is not a sponsored post - all my favourite sandals just happen to be from Novo (a happy coincidence which I'll explain in this post...)

I never used to be a sandal person - I was always quite content with covering my toes - but as inappropriate as my timing is given the sudden drop in temperature in Sydney, I've made the transition to wearing one of the above the majority of the time. I never used to shop at Novo either. My mum loves browsing through there though so I had a browse myself, the last time I went in with her, and found the first pair on the left that not only resemble Céline slides (which I only realised/discovered later -- this happens to me a lot) but are


 comfiest pair of shoes I own.

I still haven't caved in yet and bought myself


 but the pair on the right in the above pic seems to indicate that I'm not far from it. I always hesitate in buying trends because:

1) if I get quickly obsessed with something then it's likely I'll get over it just as quickly

2) trends = impulse buys of many variations

3) I just want to make sure that I'll really love it and get plenty of wear out of it.

But I'm really loving the fact that sandals are quiet to walk in (boots make a hell of an obnoxious 'clacking' noise with every step), goes with


 and are small and light - meaning I can easily bring a pair with me when I go home to visit Mum or have in my bag as a back-up for painful heels.

If you've been wanting to stock up on some sandals,


 is the time to check Novo because they're all on sale for $30 and under (!!!!!).