Yogajysla kay

my beginner's attitude to yoga.

Yogajysla kay
my beginner's attitude to yoga.
(my) beginner's attitude to yoga. 1
my beginner's attitude to yoga. 2
my beginner's attitude to yoga. 3

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Yoga is nothing new but I’ve only just begun to practice it and develop my love for yoga late this year. I’ve barely scratched the surface of my learning and research but I love the idea of yoga as a daily ritual, a way to start the morning right by clearing your mind and learning to be more self-aware and reflective. We all know we need to set aside time each day to do, well, nothing but sometimes that’s easier said than done. There’s always something that needs our attention, that needs to be done


, that we’ve been putting off for too long (I know I’m guilty of this on a daily basis).

I’ve made a promise to myself to try to begin my day as often as I can with yoga to work on my flexibility, strength, give me more energy for the day and sometimes as a pre-stretch before my morning run. I took gymnastics and dancing classes when I was younger and even though I'm nowhere near as flexible as I used to be, yoga is really helping me improve.

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and get inspired! If you're a long-time yogi, I'd love to hear your thoughts and journey with yoga. Namaste. :-)

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