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right now

Stylejysla kay
right now

iPad mini, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch,

ASOS fingertip rings


ASOS bra/bandeau

, Kmart jeans, Revlon 'Midnight Affair' polish

Mulberry 'Dorset' tote with pouch (similar




), Lucas' Paw Paw ointment, Vaseline hand cream, Alexander Wang 'Prisma' wallet, Marc by Marc Jacobs glasses


: Stumbled across a really similar bag


! (Even comes with a matching pouch!)

Some things that have been on rotation and are current favourites!

Let's take a moment to admire these Kmart jeans I just picked up the other day for $4. I mean - I didn't even know it was possible to find clothes that cheap. Granted, they're not denim but the print reminds me of something like Current/Elliott jeans (e.g.


). I also spied some Tony Bianco imitations in Kmart for less than $20 (!!) but I still prefer my 

ASOS pair


I always wear irregular singlets with straps that don't look nice with bra straps, tops with low backs or just annoyingly beautiful semi-sheer tops so the ASOS bra/bandeau is the answer to my (fashion) prayers (p.s. please enlighten me if you know the word for this corset-like piece because my brain fails me). It doesn't fall down like I had anticipated so fellow flat-chested girls, you are safe.

I don't carry any fancy things in my bag on a daily basis - just essential moisturisers and a million old receipts. I'm actually not the biggest fan of paw paw ointment, it works but not extremely well. But the fact that it can be used for several things keeps it in my bag. I wish I could remember to bring my dairy planner and a novel incase of quiet moments but I always forget when I'm in a rush!

What are your essentials? x