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winter on instagram

I've queued this post so that right about now, I should be on the 5+ hour drive to Thredbo. I've never been in the car for a trip that long before because I haven't driven further than Canberra.

Note: by "I haven't driven" I mean "I haven't been driven" because I still don't have my license. Still working on finding a valid excuse.

It's been a while since the last Instagram update because... well, my life isn't interesting enough to Instagram daily and I'm trying to hide my coffee and hot chocolate addiction. But in all honesty - I usually just forget.

My set of books to read during the break. There's a few days left of the holidays and I have not finished a single one yet. 

An outfit on a random day I remembered to Instagram. Was asked several times by fellow confused engineering peers if I was going to or had just worked out. 

Love finding new music and


is one of many YouTube channels I often turn to.

Forever New dress - one of the few 'pretty' dresses I own

New favourite local cafe for weekend brunch with mum and catch-ups with friends

Lunch at Helm Bar with Mum and Sis - a bottle of Rosé + pizza + cheese platter + sunshine = bliss

Attempted to make coffee using a Moka pot. Success on the second try. Tastes a million times better than freeze dried instant coffee!

Photographic evidence of my hot chocolate addiction. Good company on long drives home.

Gloomy day outfit - ASOS




, Zara top, Witchery bag