two blog posts in one night, i hear you ask? ...somebody's got a lot of time on their hands *cough*

sorry for the fashion-focused self-portraits if you don't like that sort of thing, but i'm combining my passions and having a hell of a good time along the way. if you haven't stalked me yet (heh, only kidding), i've had lookbook since november last year but have only started using it properly recently.

red lipstick... check.

natural backlight... check.

remote... check.

question of the post:  what are your passions? (no matter how weird, or cliche)

(mine: guitar, photography, dancing, fashion, reading)

i was always ambitious, even when i was a little girl - i had big dreams. i wanted to be a princess, then a mermaid (the little mermaid) and then a kick-ass warrior (mulan). okay you got me i still do. but i have slightly more realistic dreams. but trying new things (and taking risks) is all a part of the journey, and the worst thing isn't regretting what you did... but regretting what you never did.

anyway... more photos tomorrow hopefully, hope you're not sick of me yet!

love, jysla