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I've posted a massive four times on the blog this year so far. Four times

It hasn't been because I didn't want to, or didn't have the time to — I have several unfinished drafts that I keep coming back to but can never make sense of. I've got so many photos that I've yet to edit and organise. I've got so much inside of me that I want to say and share.

In all honesty, I've just been feeling completely uninspired (creatively) these past few months (and probably past year or so). I never want to post just for the sake of posting. I am intensely passionate about creating content that others could connect and relate with, and also most importantly, as a form of self-expression. A creative cliché — but one-hundred-percent true, nonetheless.

I love the idea of "you get back what you put out into the universe", or you know, something along those lines (I really was never too good at remembering quotes, movies lines, or jokes). So if you're reading this, then you and I are probably alike in the sense that we just have so much inside us that the real struggle is figuring out a way to express it (in a meaningful, productive way). Every day I reflect on whether who I am today is one step closer to who I want to be tomorrow. What do I want from life? What will I be proud of 10 years from now? 30 years from now? 

I haven't figured it out yet. But what I do know is that life's too short to settle with feeling just 'okay' or 'not enough'. There is something that you need to know. You. You are extraordinary. You are an incredible human with the most beautiful mind and soul. There is no one in this universe like you. You are you. Nobody can take that from you. Whatever you love, whoever you love, love boldly, fearlessly, passionately. What matters most is who you are as an individual, not who you are relative to anyone else. Live the life that is most authentic to you. It doesn't matter if it's making music, making cakes, kicking a ball, lifting weights, taking photos, eating food etc. You. Do. You. And be done with the rest. (Not quite my own words.)

Life is way too precious to be spending it listening to people tell you that you should be doing things their way. Chase whatever the hell it is that makes your heart race. Only you can know what that is. Only you can make that choice. 

This is the life I want. To love & live boldly and authentically (this doesn't sound like a real word, but let's go with it anyway). 

Lake Hawea, NZ, 2015. Photo by Kevin.

Lake Hawea, NZ, 2015. Photo by Kevin.

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