Sunday, October 19, 2014



SHAZOEY Jewels A/W 2014 Lookbook.
Models: Belle & Megan
Make-up: Jane Nadia (@janeymua)

Some shots from way back in May on a rainy day. Dainty, barely-there chains and gems - layered to perfection by Sharon. x

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

inverse silhouette

self / 1 self / 3 self / 2

River Island top, Temt pants, Dainty & Bold necklace

Not the typical sexy silhouette in these times (you know: short skirts, plunging necklines, ass-hugging dresses) but I think there's something to be said for conservative pieces that show skin in the most subtle, feminine way. These days, most retail stores push clothes onto us, telling us that tight, short and revealing equal sexy but I disagree.  

Sometimes playing with a little sheerness and different silhouettes can strike the right balance between bold and elegant.

Photos by me (self portraits)

Sunday, September 28, 2014

beach turtleneck


Ray Ban 'Meteor' c/o VisionDirect, Zara knit (size L), Cocolatte skirt (diy knot), Novo sandals, Dainty & Bold bangles

There are people who pull off the messy bed-hair look effortlessly and then there's me. The harder I try, the messier it gets and so the baby hairs, flyaways, oddly straight sections and uneven middle part has become the norm for me. Not even a simple plait could save me.

However, these amazing sunglasses have saved me from my awkwardness behind the camera. I've never really been a sunglasses person because I spend most of my time at uni and unintentionally come across as a snob when I wear them on campus. But this pair is quickly growing on me and I always carry them in my bag wherever I go.

Wayfarers are the classic shape - they suit practically any face shape and are unisex (which, for some strange reason, is an important factor for me). No doubt, aviators and reflective lenses are equally great but I always opt for the understated and complimentary rather than bold, statement pieces (...aka safe?). Nonetheless, this is definitely a step up from my cheap pair where the 'tortoise shell' frame was literally peeling off. When it comes to investment pieces - a quality pair of sunglasses, in a colour and style that reflects your personal style and is one you'll wear often, is a wise one to have. I've learnt my lesson there.