Saturday, August 16, 2014

sneak peek / target collaboration


I've teamed up with Target to bring you a collaboration where I style up some great basics and show you how to incorporate them into your outfits on rotation without needing to empty your wallets or compromise on style. 

All the pieces above came to under $100 in total - which I think is pretty impressive considering how common it is to spend that amount on one item of clothing alone. I always have clothes from a variety of places, I'm not particular to one brand or price range. Thrift shops, Target, markets, ASOS, my Mum's or Grandma's wardrobe, Zara etc. 

There's usually a stigma around bloggers that sees us as obnoxious posers in expensive clothes but I feel that the majority (or strong minority...) focus more on personal style than on brands. But still, having to explain that you're a blogger still generates the classic response: "So, like, you take photos of yourself wearing clothes?". Well, yes. That's kind of how it works.

I'm pretty damn excited to have these pieces in my wardrobe because I really did handpick these with love and I can't wait to show you how I wear them. Stay tuned!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

b&w: style through sound


Thrifted jumper, Zara jeans, Kmart boots

Just like fashion, music has always been a huge part of my life so it was a no brainer partnering up with Bowers & Wilkins to "influence style through sound".

My day is rarely separate from music. I wake up and play some Jazz on my iPad while I'm getting ready. I walk to uni listening to favourites on my phone, usually The Civil Wars, Andrew Belle, Sara Bareilles, Matt Nathanson or Taylor Swift (yep, I am a fan). I cook and clean to music too. And of course, the soft folk or soothing classical comes out at night when I'm studying. Then, there's the yoga and exercise music. New day. Repeat.

Phew - that was exhausting for me to even type out but music is a natural, essential part of my day. It influences the way I dress, how I express myself and the manner in which I get things done. Music feeds my soul and I couldn't imagine my life without it.

What I love best about these Bowers & Wilkins headphones is that they're elegant, minimal and they fold up for easy storage and portability. I'm not a headphones expert but I can't fault these, I use them almost daily - especially while I'm studying in bed. Only my OCD tendencies stop me from using these in quiet, public places for fear of disturbing others with my music (because I tend to play it on the louder end). I don't want to be that person on the quiet carriage...

Saturday, July 19, 2014

winter sun


Photos by Kevin and me

Triangl swimwear / Cocolatte jumper

I think I take it for granted living less than 10 minutes away from the beach so when the sun finally came out (and stayed out) on Wednesday, I shook off my fears of being cold and we drove towards the water. I'm terrified of the cold. But I've realised that it's more or less in my head. It's the thought of being cold that gets me and this realisation is what encouraged me to head to the beach. My half-year resolutions include constantly challenging myself beyond my comfort zone.

Heading to the beach in winter sounds crazy but it wasn't empty or cold surprisingly. There were several people running along the beach, taking their dog for a walk or just spending some time in the sun relaxing. I was leaping, jumping, cartwheeling and doing yoga poses on the beach. I wasn't even cold - just laughing like a crazy lady. I was at the beach. In winter (!!!!).

And if you're wondering... the water was warm.