About ASOS's #thehundredproject & FAQ!

It's simple - post 100 outfits to Instagram or Twitter and you'll get 25% off ASOS for a year. But, you also need to tag #thehundredproject in each photo for it to count (this is important). 

Why should I?
Hey, nobody's forcing you. You're more than welcome to stick with your 10% student discount but if you do participate, you not only get 25% off full-priced items on ASOS for a year but you also have a shot at winning $250 a month, wait for it, for a whole year. Um, yes please?!?!

Can anybody participate?
Unfortunately, this is exclusive to Australian students.

Do I need to be wearing ASOS?
Absolutely not! You can wear whatever you like. They are no rules here - as long as you're wearing clothes ;-)

I don't know... I'm not photogenic and I look awkward in pictures.
Okay, this question's really just directed at myself but hey - if I can do it, so can you. There are so many ways around this: crop your head out, face sideways, do one of these, get your friends in the shot, do a mirror selfie etc. 

I don't want to spam people with my gorgeous outfits but I want that discount...
Maybe you could start a new Instagram or Twitter account? Make sure it's not private though - we still need that hashtag to work! 

What if I'm too lazy to take 100 photos?
It's all or nothing if you want the discount but lucky for you lazy ones, ASOS are running occasional challenges that last for a week. E.g. Next week (12-18 May) is all about denim*. You only need to post 3 photos to be in the running for their prize packs (Next week is one of 3 x $250 denim packs). If that's still too much effort for you, never fear, I'm giving away some vouchers to a random winner if you can post at least one outfit featuring the theme and tag me (@jyslakay) in the photo.

Does it have to be outfits I wear to uni?
Nope! Preferably it shows off your awesome student style but if you happen to be wearing a great outfit on the way to a festival/concert/while grocery shopping go ahead, it still counts! 

What else?
You tell me. Send me an email, leave me an Instagram comment, tweet me or stop me at uni. I'd really love to hear your thoughts, feedback and help you out with any questions I haven't covered here.


All the best! Get snapping away and show me those awesome outfits xx

* ASOS denim challenge info + voucher details will be up tomorrow morning (Tuesday 13 May)