jysla kayoutfit, style


jysla kayoutfit, style

Zara blouse, Grandma’s skirt, Wittner heels

Taking cues from the effortlessly chic French - the feminine silhouette and creamy, neutral colours. There’s something about this combination of colours that I just can’t get enough of. So simple, easy and put-together that I feel like I'm cheating.

Clutches look great (I’ll admit that) but why are they so damn impractical? I can tolerate holding it in the first few minutes, but after about 20 I’m tempted to shove it down my shirt just so I don’t have to carry it anymore. Definitely a hands-free kinda gal (read: lazy) when it comes to bags so I tend to stick to clutches with detachable straps that I can bring along wherever I go. Just incase.

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