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Jumpsuit, Sportsgirl belt and anklet

Ever found something you wanted to buy but only the wrong sizes are left? I always seem to find myself in this predicament but I couldn't pass up on this particular jumpsuit. Like I mentioned in my last post, this glorious oversized jumpsuit was from a small $10 store in Sydney.

As a girl who typically plays it safe with neutrals and solids (stripes are as bold as I get), my wardrobe has somehow found more and more prints and splashes of colour in it come summer. I love the freedom of fashion and the endless possibilities for self-expression. Nobody's stopping you from walking out that door in clashing prints or in tracksuit pants - everyday your body is a blank canvas, completely yours, free to colour with your feelings and mood. And with each passing day, it changes with you to reflect your personality. Don't be afraid to experiment and step out of your comfort zone - sometimes we learn more about ourselves when we're challenged.

Bra-less days are one of the many perks of being small chested on those impossibly hot days but the deep arm holes of this jumpsuit reveal more side boob than anyone would be comfortable with. On the topic of being small chested - in a family with a grandma, mum and sister blessed with a C+ cup chest, there's the frustrating Asian concern regarding the questionable size of mine but I've learnt to embrace everything I was born with - from my hook nose to my small chest - and I refuse to be intimidated into plastic surgery. I'm not ashamed of my natural body, and no woman (or man for that matter) should feel like they need to change themselves just to conform to society's standard of beautiful. Stay natural and work with what you've been blessed with - we're all incredibly unique and beautiful.

Ever been pressured from your family over trivial things?

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