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jysla kaypersonal

I buy groceries 1 or 2 times a week - usually to stock up on the basics like milk or eggs but also to get my weekly fruit and veg fix. For the typical student life, food should be not only fast and easy to prepare but healthy or somewhat nutritional (or a relatively better alternative to other foods). Having a fully stocked fridge was definitely something I took for granted when I was living with mum.

Above are two pages from Gwyneth's book that I had wanted to get for a while. I've only had a quick browse through it so far, but the photos are so beautiful and inspirational, and the food looks delicious, of course. 

Right now, my cooking abilities are limited to the usual stir-fry for dinner, indulging in instant soups when I'm hungry from late-night studying and yoghurt-soaked muesli for breakfast. Can't wait to sit down properly and pore over all the recipes and pictures. Are your cooking skills as terrible as mine? For those that live on their own, do you cook often or prefer to eat out?

Happy weekend xx