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asos feature: 'back to school'

jysla kayoutfit, photos, style
I was sent a box full of clothes and asked to style outfits fit for uni for ASOS which was something I briefly mentioned in my last posts. The feature is finally live! See it here.

Kevin and I decided to make a day out of it - shooting pictures that I could use on my blog as well. It's always so easy to go overboard when styling and shooting but I tried to keep it close to what I actually wear to classes.

1. Baggy jeans - comfortable, warm and effortless. As unflattering as it may seem to the opposite sex, I am perfectly happy in any one of my boyfriend jeans. I was even asked whether I actually bought my jeans with rips in it. How do you explain strange fashion concepts to boys?

ASOS coat, Miss Brown Vintage denim shirt, ASOS skirt, ASOS boots

2. Boots - always a favourite. Boots with skirts, boots with dresses, boots with jeans. Particularly fun on rainy days when people with flats and canvas shoes are avoiding the tiny puddles. The easiest way to dress down an outfit for uni and stay comfortable while trekking across campus between classes.

3. Skinny jeans - Flattering, hence easy to style. I usually wear mine with an oversized jumper in winter or with a loose singlet tucked in when it's warm. Simple and effective.

ASOS jumper, Wish dress, SENSO boots

4. Layers - I need to point out that I was wearing almost all of the above under this jumper when this was shot (too cold to take it all off). Wearing too many layers can add a few kilos (see above example), but the main idea is to work with different lengths and colours. I'm not comfortable wearing casual tights without something covering my, um, important places so layering in this case is my fail-safe lazy man's method.

** If you're curious about the quality and/or comfort of any of the pieces before you buy, just leave a comment below. I'd be happy to share my honest opinions! **