snow trip

Photos by Kevin and I, taken on 400D and iPad/iPhone

(didn't want to lug my heavy 5D around)

I don't want to bore you to death with every detail of last weekend's trip (zzz...) so in a nutshell Kevin and I - along with one of our couple friends, Kriz and Nuttanai - camped about 40 mins from Thredbo, spent an afternoon learning how to ski (and amusingly, how to trek up a slope the right way), huddled around a campfire on the last night, stopped more times than I can count on the way home so that the guys could take photos of their cars and almost had a walkie-talkie karaoke session. And although we didn't have the patience to build a snowman, we had enough energy to throw hard snow pieces at each other in a satisfying snowball fight.

We made the most of our time by getting up early and staying up late (albeit we actually couldn't sleep properly because it was so cold) which made the trip seem longer than 3 days. It was the first time I had ever really seen snow* and my first trip away with Kevin.

Some people say that travelling brings life to a halt which makes it harder for us to grow but I feel quite the opposite and adamantly believe that the right journey with the right people can open your eyes to incredible things and evoke all kinds of emotions. I think I've caught the travel bug because I've already started daydreaming about spending a week in Melbourne...

*I did see a little bit when I was in Korea but it barely covered the ground so I deem it an invalid snow sighting.