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the flat situation

jysla kayphotos, self, style

Country Road jeans, Billini, Betts, Orbit and Fiebiger flats (from left to right)

A few weeks ago, I impulsively bought four pairs of flats on The Iconic (which unfortunately have mostly sold out). Considering the change in weather, it was bad timing but taking into account the prices, I'd say this was a good investment for summer. It was about damn time I broke out of my boots habit because there was too often a time when I was standing in front of the mirror, barefoot, wondering why the hell didn't I have something different (read: feminine) to wear with my maxi skirt/dress/jeans other than my 6 pairs of boots that I brought up to my apartment from home.

I still have a fairly strong dislike for feet but the sequins and bows work well to distract me from my own feet. Except for the Betts pair, these flats are all so comfortable because of the quality of the materials which surprised me as I had only really ever tried those from Rubi shoes (which... aren't so comfortable).

It feels good to break out of my comfort zone, but I think I'll always be a boots lover at heart!