happy hump day

Miss Shop knit dress (similar here and here), Sportsgirl overalls

I have a sad confession to make: I never knew what hump day meant. All this time, I thought it was a strange celebration of what two people, you know, do... but after finally searching it to confirm, Urban Dictionary once again saves me from my lack of social slang knowledge. I was kind of close, right?

Now that I know the proper meaning behind the saying, I don't feel so awkward seeing it posted everywhere or saying it to you guys. My mood is never quite right at the beginning of every week - resembling something like 'Mondayitis' until Wednesday - so this unofficial middle-of-the-week celebration is something I look forward to. This semester of uni has been a nightmare and I'm relieved it's almost over although that means that it's also closer to final exams.

The first picture is a sneak peek of a Kmart haul post to come (minus the laptop, of course). And the outfit below is what I wore yesterday to classes. You get some strange looks when you wear overalls... not that I can blame them though, since I associate it with being a 5-year-old too. But that just means +1 cuteness in my books!