jysla kaypersonal


jysla kaypersonal

From the product description: "...so you can look good and feel good while you work out."
That pretty much sums it up. I usually exercise in the privacy and non-judgmental comfort of my own home but there's no reason I can't try to look good at the same time, right? The best thing about these tops (because they seem more like tops than bras) is that they actually motivate me to exercise - I love how they feel on and the way they look.

Exercising has become an intrinsic part of my routine and it's hard to imagine that I'll ever stop in the future. But, if you know me, you'd know that I hate cardio. I hate getting stitches and becoming lightheaded because I'm struggling for air. And... I still pretty much hate it. I tried running around the local park once. Haven't returned there since. This put me off exercise for a long, long time because I always associated it with running or going to the gym - not that there's anything wrong with either of those, it just never was enough motivation for me personally to develop a love for exercising. 

Thanks to something in the Asian genetics, mum's healthy home-made meals and a fast metabolism, I've always been a steady weight with fairly healthy habits:

  1. I don't watch TV
  2. Not a big 'snacker' which goes hand-in-hand with 1 also.
  3. I love vegetables. Absolutely love them and crave them.
  4. I love vegetables more than fruit. (Thanking mum for this.)
  5. I dance around the apartment a lot - learnt my moves from the best

But exercising for me is more than just trying to achieve a physical goal. I'm trying to change my lifestyle because I know that this will lead to good things. Better things. My posture and confidence have improved and I don't end up a sweating mess walking from lower campus to upper campus at Uni. Experimenting and figuring out the right exercise routine for me has been great - I look forward to exercising and I even incorporate a little cardio to warm me up and increasing the intensity as I get better. It's basically a blend of yoga and pilates that focuses on toning and strengthening core muscles.

I didn't mean for this post to turn into a vague my-life-story advice post but I hope this was interesting for some and more importantly, motivates you to put those thoughts into action! Whip up a killer mixtape with songs to get you moving (this is a regular on mine! ;-)) and do it as regularly as you can. The same principle applies to most things like studying - a little bit everyday is more productive and efficient than one intense day a week. I complained to Kevin today about losing motivation when I take the time to contemplate whether I really want to exercise right now and he told me simply - don't think about it, just do it.

Great advice, wonder where he got that one from....

Disclaimer: only kidding! He's taught me everything I know about exercise and staying focused mentally.