jysla kaystyle


jysla kaystyle

Triangl bikini

Even though summer was technically over, Kevin and I visited Little Bay a few weeks ago before heading home for the weekend. It was a warm, quiet morning - with only a few families on the beach and some incredibly cute poodles that sat right by the water, refusing to go in.

Being caught up in the last-minute chaos of moving out, it had never really hit me how close I would be living to beaches (and delicious restaurants). Coogee beach is a 10 minute bus away, what?! I'm still struggling to get my head around that idea, considering I'm still used to travelling 15 minutes to even get to the train station when I lived out west.

As always, summer's gone before I know it so I'm praying for no summer session commitments this year - a.k.a. don't fail anything - so that I can get more wear out of my new favourites - a striped Quiksilver piece and this pastel Triangl beauty with a digital print I can't get enough of (and does wonders for my flat chested-ness).

Photos by Kevin