jysla kayoutfit, self, style

black and gold...again

jysla kayoutfit, self, style

Sportsgirl top, Chicabooti shorts, Diva necklace, Witchery bag

I'm sitting at my desk, still wearing the same outfit as above - tiny dog tags and all, with swollen lymph nodes (had to google it), a oncoming sore throat and aches all over. Self-diagnosis is usually never a good idea (they tell me I'm pregnant or have herpes) but new symptoms always scare me.

Apart from moping about the apartment, I spent a good deal of my night reading Nati Hell's rants. At first I was indignant but reading on further left me chuckling and feeling guilty for doing so. I don't agree with everything that she writes about but it sure is hilarious to read because she makes light of the blogging industry. In general, she states (somewhat crudely) that some bloggers put a strong spotlight on brands and advertising. I don't really have an issue with this, as I've been there, and it's a full-time job for some. It's all about context, opinion and personal preferences. I follow quite a few bloggers that range from internationally-famous to lower-key and I respect them all for what they do regardless of whether I think a particular outfit is strange. There's a reason we're following them in the first place, right?

Doing something a certain way doesn't necessarily make a person more or less superior. It was a personal preference of mine to simplify my blog and get rid of advertising and minimise brand sponsorships. I'm still a little backlogged so you'll see a few features here and there, like an upcoming swimwear post, a fancy pants prom dress and a more casual jumpsuit (did using the word 'casual' throw you off the scariness of the first two things?).

Went way over my limit of words so I'll leave you with a thank you for your attention, don't get sick, have sincere relationships and always do what you love xx