jysla kaypersonal


jysla kaypersonal

Witchery cardigan, Cocolatte singlet

I turn to tea for solace, for a few minutes of comfort and clarity when life deals a bad hand. I usually drink white, tea or jasmine tea on its own in the morning, in between meals or at night. It helps to settle my stomach and is great company when I'm studying.

Above is a self-portrait I found buried beneath a few other draft posts I never got around to publishing - taken a few months ago when my hair was shorter and one colour. This is a strangely appropriate post for me because I'm moving out tomorrow (!!!!) and it's somewhat of a tribute to my loyal matchbox of a room. 

More 'moving out' updates to come as I move into a cosy apartment and stock up on cutlery and kitchen utensils...

ALSO... It's been going on for a while, but the tidestore giveaway will end February 28th so get on it if you haven't yet entered :-)