jysla kaypersonal, photos, self


jysla kaypersonal, photos, self

Where do I start after being silent for over a month?

I just finished summer school, went lighter, admittedly spent a few days preparing myself for a zombie apocalypse and spent time brainstorming about the future plans for my blog.

It's only about 80% finished but I've finally redesigned my blog and removed the confusion of sidebars and unnecessary text - opting for a clean, minimal layout for 2013. This is also the direction that I'm taking for the content I post from now on. Fashion is only one (huge) part of my life and there are so many other things that I'd love to share on my blog like the fact that I love grocery shopping and I don't watch tv. 

I love taking photos, take bargain hunting seriously and just this year, have developed a passion for exercise. That's not to say that I'll stop doing outfit posts, but I'll be more likely to share my recent purchases or a new recipe that I've stumbled across.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” ― Confucius