jysla kayphotos, self


jysla kayphotos, self

Snugg iPad mini case, Lace bralette - Factorie, Jar and deer - Habitania, Candle - Kmart 

So many things I love in this post: my new bralette from Factorie (which only cost $5), photos of my favourite memories, a few decor items I bought today and my iPad mini which never leaves my side.

Another favourite is my new iPad case. When I was contacted by The Snugg, I couldn't believe my luck because I had honestly been searching everywhere for the perfect cover. All of their cases are really decently priced and I was won over by the fact that it was a smart cover and had two standing heights which I needed badly for reading slides in lectures (or for playing Hay Day *cough*).

I really can't fault it so if you're in need of a case for your smartphone or tablet, you won't regret checking The Snugg out.

Happy new year beautiful people - 2013 is going to be an amazing year! xxx