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jysla kayphotos, self

Peter Alexander shorts

Now that winter is sleeping, I've hauled all my pretty shorts out to wear to bed. It seems that I wear the most colour when I'm at home. Two Christmases ago, my sister (bride-to-be in less than a month!), bought me these Peter Alexander floral pyjama shorts (which I, am obsessed with). I know what you're thinking, bows and frills and floral? Me?

I'm surprised too - but I think a little bit of my sister's love for Peter Alexander sleepwear has rubbed off on me... His collections are just so cute! My mum thinks it's highly unreasonable to spend so much money to sleepwear (the prices are equivalent to normal clothes), but I don't know - I'm sold. It's the secret satisfaction in wearing something nobody will really see, just like lingerie. There. Justified.

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