jysla kayoutfit


jysla kayoutfit

One Teaspoon dress, Miss Brown Vintage denim shirt, Thrifted boots, Inspotion flower ring, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

I had originally planned to pair this dress with pretty heels but then thought, screw it - boots are what I really wear comfortably.

It's so important to rock the outfits that make you feel good (and don't just make you look good) because sometimes the quiet confidence comes across from how you feel in an outfit. I always plan my outfit so that it can get me through the day - whether it's going to be full of lectures or labs or an easygoing day spent consuming too much sugar. It's a strange way of choosing outfits but it's more of an embracing and anticipation of the day to come as opposed to just relying on how I feel at that moment. 

(And even though I've been wearing this denim shirt to death and you're all groaning at the sight of it again, it's a killer layering piece, and I love you all for tolerating it.)

Photos by Kevin