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Wish 'Taper Tunic', Grandma's jacket, Temt sunglasses, Rubi shoes 

Guys, holy freaking hell guys, I have found the perfect dress to get me through spring and summer. It's even better than what I had originally wanted (see my wishlist) - a creamy, off-white boxy tunic is just what I needed and believe me, you will be seeing a lot more of it. 

I snapped this tunic up in size 6, I had considered upsizing to the 8 but I didn't want to sacrifice the perfect fit for extra length. Feels like a dream too, I love whatever it is that it's made of.

ONE MORE THING: these boots, oh my god, these boots were $15. On sale from Rubi shoes - they're not very comfortable at all, but LOOK AT THEM... (you're welcome!)