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latte morning pick-me-up

jysla kaypersonal, photos

Most mornings, I crawl out of bed and sleepily make myself a latte. Even though the coffee itself doesn't necessarily wake me up, the process of making it is enough to make sure all thoughts of getting back into bed for '10 more minutes' has gone. I use caramel topping to sweeten the latte which I had originally bought to have with ice-cream but it tasted strange ("Serves you right for buying the Woolworths brand" - the boyfriend) so I had to figure out some other way of using it all up. Surprisingly, it tastes pretty damn good.

Allowing myself a good half hour to wake-up and mentally prepare myself for the day has proven to be much more rewarding than waking up '10 minutes' (read: 40 minutes) too late and rushing to get dressed and catch my train with a measly banh bao in hand.

I'll admit that these kinds of peaceful latte-filled mornings aren't as common as I'd like, but now that I've had a taste - it's a good incentive to sleep earlier, so that I can wake up happier and refreshed. Because seriously, who wouldn't love to have a quiet hour to themselves before mum starts yelling about the messy room?

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