jysla kayoutfit

no. 4

jysla kayoutfit

Men's Stussy Shirt, Grandma's blazer, OASAP wedges

I have a habit of "borrowing" my boyfriend's clothes and not returning them for a long time. I love this particular shirt which is long enough to be worn as a dress - I confess that I may or may not usually wear this shirt to bed.

I love all the little details of these wedges but I want to cut the ankle strap in half to make it more wearable in the day. I'd probably do a really dodgy job of it so I'm a little hesitant to jump right in and snip it off but what do you think? Should I just leave it? It's not so much of an issue when I wear jeans with these wedges, but I can't decide if I like the double strap enough to keep it...

P.S. Does the thought of wearing this scare the shit out of you too? It looks good but ... *shudder* it also looks like it's about to crawl on my face and suck the life out of me. #issues