jysla kayoutfit


jysla kayoutfit

(Riche coat, Men's Dasmonk Tee via The Old Scholars, Grandma's skirt, Thrifted bag, River Island boots) 

Me, in my size 20 flasher coat, and earthly colours stomping the ground in matchy tan boots. I'm welcoming the creeping warmth of spring with boots. I'll gladly wear boots throughout summer, throughout winter (and I already do).

When the weather turns sickly humid, I have plans of visiting IKEA for the first time ever (!) and DFO for the second time ever, and put some lovin' into my bicycle. I have plans of lying on the couch, feet dangling off the side, trying to cool off whilst ironically complaining - it is so hot, I can't wait until winter - and eat my fill of vanilla ice-cream until I feel too sick to remember what it was I was complaining about.

I can't help but feel that we have all these plans and dreams and so many one day I'll do this or do that exclamations that I wonder if we'll ever live and achieve all those crazy aspirations or if we'll ever stop dreaming? Preferably not the latter, as without dreams, we'd struggle to hope.

By the way, does anyone else ever get a little fidgety, and a little too nervous, when they drink coffee?