jysla kayoutfit


jysla kayoutfit

(Maurie & Eve Anorak from FROCKAHOLICS.COM, Forcast pants, Thrifted sneakers, Innoxa 'Tangerine' lipstick)

Disclaimer: I am semi-scowling because I feel too bad-ass in head-to-toe black to crack a smile.

There's nothing like showing a bit of skin the unconventional way to give the illusion that you're being scandalous. A top with sheer sleeves is almost like a skirt with a sheer overlay to just barely show those legs. (And might I add: thin black stockings, yes I mean those thin secretary ones, are so confusingly sexy.)

Leaving things up to the imagination seems to be a thing of the past. Figure-hugging dresses and tight singlets don't really leave much room to be creative. Not that I can say I haven't been guilty of sporting a few of those in my *ahem* younger days. This train of thought also always brings me back to various scenes I've read of in novels where 'short' dresses revealing ankles were a week's worth of scandal and gossip. It's moments like these, when I see girls wearing tights that hug their bottoms - a little too tightly - that make me wonder if we'd all be better off sporting bonnets and heavy dresses.
... Probably not. I like ankles too much.