jysla kayoutfit, video

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jysla kayoutfit, video

(Miss Brown Vintage denim shirt, Zara Jeans, Trendy Elements blazer (Mum's), Thrifted Sneakers,
 Marc by Marc Jacobs watch) 

Although these Zara jeans are fairly loose on me, they do let me sneak a pair of warm tights underneath without anyone noticing. And that's exactly what I did when I visited Bam Brands Showroom. A little off-topic, but the showroom is what I had envisioned for my future apartment/home. Large windows that fill the whole room with natural light, dark wooden floors and slightly off-white walls. 

I'm a long way from moving out as it's just Mum and I at home (and I can't leave her all alone so soon), but the day is getting closer and closer. I'm saving a large chunk of money each month to go towards my independence, and I'm even learning how to cook - courtesy of the huge number of recipes found on the internet. Right now though, I've barely mastered the art of fluffy scrambled eggs. 

When I was asked to pick and style a piece, it was a no-brainer. This printed swallow blazer (sorry if I'm wrong, bird enthusiasts) was the sweetest little thing by milk from a thistle.