jysla kayoutfit


jysla kayoutfit

(Brandless coat, shirt, dress (worn as skirt), Thrifted bag, Sportsgirl socks, Imagination wedges)

This outfit isn't very 'blog' appropriate, I must admit. I buy a lot from random asian boutiques and funnily enough - those pieces are the ones I wear the most. I didn't realise that I had almost wore a head-to-toe 'Made in China' ensemble (thank God for Sportsgirl socks).

Having my collar up reminds me of Dracula... geddit?! Count... Dracula! ...No? Kevin didn't find it very funny either. In between my growling and hissing attempts at being a vampire to the camera, I'm surprised we managed to get some shots in.

If you look closely, there's only one gold button left. I popped the other three buttons (at once) while I was putting the dress on. Yep... Made in China... (I'm allowed to say that, I'm Chinese).