MBFWA Day #2 / Magdalena Velevska

Missed my train on Tuesday Day #2 of MBFWA so I couldn't make Talulah (disappointed is an understatement), so headed up to uni instead to do my maths test before making my way to the Maritime Museum (such a mission) for Magdalena Velevska. Sunlight faded quickly before I had a chance to snap a whole lot of street style, but the location was amazing and was a fitting backdrop for the runway.

The collection itself was elegant, touching on the darker side of fashion opening with sounds of heavy waterdrops, eerie, slow music, face masks and neon lime green lips. There was obviously a lot of thought and effort that went into this show, and every little detail - no matter how strange - complemented each other perfectly. Personal favourites were the jumpsuit and white blazer. Magdalena Velevska was one of the highlights of my week, and is a collection that is fast growing on me.